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Do I have to have my data?

Yes, and no. Yes, if you're thinking about joining Master Your Stats program because you would benefit the most from the course if you already have your data. But no, you don't need to have your data if you want to schedule an individual coaching session to plan your research methods.


Will you do my statistics for me?

Absolutely not. And that's a good thing because letting someone else do your stats is both unethical and kinda illegal... also, you're more likely to pass your defense if you did your statistics yourself because then you will understand your results better. But you're by no means alone in this process, our expert statistics tutors will be with you all the way through. 


Do I have to have SPSS downloaded? Do you only teach SPSS?

Yes, please! We're going to get you started on data analysis ASAP, so it'd be great if you already have SPSS downloaded. We only use SPSS for our data analyses so make sure you have access to it. Contact your school for instructions on how to download since most schools will have a way for you to download it for free.


Can you help me design my study?

While we don't have a self-paced course for this, our team of mentors would love to meet with you individually to help you design your study and even help you with setting up your survey! 

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